Certified Health Education Specialist – Practice questions/answers from November 8th

Certified Health Education Specialist – Practice questions/answers from November 8th

Please see the post from November 8th – Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) – Preparing for a CHES exam – Questions from a practice exam.  The questions and answers are from: The Health Education Specialist: A Companion Guide for Professional Excellence 6th Edition purchased from National Commission for Health Education Credentialing, Inc. (NCHEC).


Question 1:

The three key domains of evidence-based health policy include:

a.  process, content, outcomes.

b.  process, impact, outcome.

c.  formative, summative, impact.

d.  impact, surveillance, outputs.

Area of Responsibility VII.  (Page 173)  Competency 7.4.2. Communicate and advocate for health and health education/Engage in health education advocacy/Develop an advocacy plan in compliance with local, state, and/or federal policies and procedures.

Brownson, Chriqui and Stamatakis (2009) describe three areas of policy development:

  1. policy process investigates options to increase adoption;
  2. policy content uses data to investigate effective elements;
  3. policy outcomes evaluate the impact of policy. 

Question 2:

Smoking bans are an example of which of the following strategies:

a.  Health-related community service

b.  Health-related educational

c.  Health policy and reinforcement

d.  Health communication

Area of Responsibility II.  (Page 53)  Competency 2.3.3 Plan Health Education/Select or design strategies and interventions/Select a variety of strategies and interventions to achieve stated objectives.  Mandate actions through laws, regulations, policies, or rules.  Such actions are justified on the basis of “the common good”; that is, they are actions implemented to protect the public’s health (McKenzie et al., 2009)

Question 3:

The highest level of classification in Bloom’s taxonomy is:

a.  Analysis

b.  Synthesis

c.  Application

d.  Evaluation

Area of Responsibility VI. (Page 147). Competency 6.2.6 Serve as a Health Education Resource Person/Provide training/Use learning theory to develop or adapt training programs.  Table 6.4 – Taxonomy and Skills Demonstrated.  Lowest to Highest – Knowledge, Comprehension, Application, Analysis, Synthesis, Evaluation.


Hope you did well! 🙂


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