The move!



My husband and I were recently informed that we would be moving from the west coast to east coast within two months – ok, six weeks.  Seeing that this was a short notification, the holidays were approaching, winter, and the move was cross-country, my stress level went through the roof.


Moving is one of many major life changes.  It definitely can be overwhelming, especially if you aren’t prepared.  Here are some tips on how to keep sane!

  • First of all, embrace it!  Welcome moving as a positive challenge, and view it as a new beginning.  Change is a part of life…it’s inevitable!
  • Be informed!  The Internet is a great source for information, but make sure the information comes from a credible source.  Get opinions – via Internet or others personal experiences – on where to go, things to do, etc…  (e.g. Facebook group)
  • Organization and planning is KEY to a successful move.  Keep a folder and notebook, or create a moving binder.  (If you have a super cool cell phone, this would work, too!  I don’t though!)  Make sure you have phone numbers, addresses, point of contact, maps, etc…  Pack important papers (birth certificates, diplomas, sensitive paperwork, taxes) and to bring with you on your adventure. 
  • Plan ahead for monthly bills.  Even though I enjoy paying bills via snail mail, sign-up for online bill pay!  It’s easy, but don’t forget to write down your username and password.
  • If you have enough room in your vehicle, pack things you may need since your household goods won’t be there when you arrive.  We learned the hard way.  We had nothing except for the clothes in our suitcase and some blankets.  This time we’re going to be prepared.  Some items you may need: an air mattress and blankets, a few items from the kitchen, toiletries, etc…

 What tips do you have?


2 thoughts on “The move!”

  1. Bring bed hardware (screws, bolts, etc) with you. We learned that the hard way. Our movers packed the hardware with some books, so we had to unpack almost the entire house just to find them. That’s the last thing we wanted to do an hour before bedtime for the boys! 🙂

    Sign up for a hotel rewards program. We used Choice Hotels (I get a Mensa discount through them), and by the end of our trip, we had earned two free nights.

    If it’s a long trip (i.e., cross country, like you’re doing) it helps to have a half day in the middle of the trip to stretch your legs and break up the monotony. We choose to spend a day in Oxford. 🙂 And, it helps mentally to have a short last day. There’s nothing worse than those last two hours when you’re ALMOST there.

    Have an alternate route planned. You never know what Mother Nature is going to throw at you, especially in the winter!

    I hope you guys have a smooth move! We’ll be doing the same thing only a few weeks after you! 🙂

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