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Product Review: OLAY Luscious Embrace (TM) Massaging Bar Soap

As I was watching and sweating on the elliptical the TODAY show on September 8th, the Annual Beauty Award Winners were announced by SHAPE magazine.  I was curious about one of the products that won…

“Winners In Best Body Products Category:

Olay Luscious Embrace Body Bar with Massaging Design ($8; drugstores)
This bar could convert even the most loyal body wash users! It’s incredibly moisturizing and lathers up a storm! The scent is fresh and clean and stays on the body for hours after a shower.

Why it won: Talk about raising the bar! The massaging nubs on this emollient cleanser will send stress down the drain.”

Source: TODAY SHOW – September 8, 2011

On my weekly grocery trip, I picked up a 4-pack.  I’m not sure what other stores are selling it for but I purchased it for $3.89, which I thought was stellar!  The article above stated the price was $8 but it didn’t say whether it was for single or multiple pack.  I’ll have to peek in other stores to compare the prices. 

After using the body bar this morning, I’m IN LOVE!  Not only does it gently massage your skin…it smells UBER amazing!  (No, I’m not exaggerating about the smell.  I’m keeping the packaging and using it in our closet, which I’m sure my husband will be so happy about.)  The smell lingers ALL DAY LONG, too!  The key ingredients that make this product smell so amazing are listed as: simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) butter, orchis morio flower extract, and glycerin.  (Source – Olay)

I encourage you to try this product.  If you do, please let me know what you think, and how much you paid for it.

(P.S. – I was not paid by SHAPE magazine or OLAY.  This was based on a personal experience.)


2 thoughts on “Product Review: OLAY Luscious Embrace (TM) Massaging Bar Soap”

  1. I can smell it over here on the otherside of the pond. I wonder if the commissary carries it here in Italy……Doubt it is on the shelves at the store but I will look. I think putting the box in the closet is great!!!!! I love a good smelling closet!!!

    1. I love the smell 🙂 I went back a couple weeks ago and bought some more. I’m hooked! Oh, I did notice the price fluctuated. It went up $1 but then it was reduced to the original purchase price. Woohoo! 🙂

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