Natural Home magazine, Urban Farm magazine

Natural Home AND Urban Farm – Featured Magazines

Natural Home AND Urban Farm – Featured Magazines

Unfortunately, our local Borders Bookstore is closing.  All of the magazines were marked down 40%.  I could have bought alot more but I chose NATURAL HOME and URBAN FARM.  After reading these, I am definitely a fan 🙂  So, I wanted to share these two magazines with you!

NATURAL HOME is a formative magazine focusing on “Living Wisely>>Living Well”.  If purchased without a subscription, it costs $5.99.  Yearly subscriptions are $14.95 (six issues).  The contents are: Home, Garden, Food, Health, and Lifestyle.  Like most magazines, there is also a Features section.  The website is:

URBAN FARM is another great magazine!  Its focus is on “Sustainable City Living”.  This magazine is also $5.99 without a subscription and $15 with a yearly subscription (6 issues).  The magazine contents are focused mainly on Features.  The website is: 

I hope you check these two magazines out! 🙂  I feel they are very educational.


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