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Sleep deprivation

Having problems sleeping?

 Sullivan definitely doesn’t have any problems sleeping!

Source of information is from the March 2011 issue of Prevention.  Article – From A to Z by Teresa Dumain on page 102+

From A to Z states that sleeping throughout the evening for at least 8 hours can “increase energy and productivity, improved heart and immune system health, a better mood, even longer life”!  Personally, I agree!

Here are some suggestions directly from the From A to Z article.  Three different struggles coincide with the best solution.   The struggles are trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, and things that wake you up.  For more details, you’ll have to purchase the magazine (hehe!):

  • Stick with a consistent sleep schedule
  • Keep a sleep diary
  • Stop smoking
  • Review your medications
  • Exercise, but not within 4 hours of bedtime
  • Cut caffeine after 2pm
  • Write down your woes
  • Take time to wind down
  • Sip milk, not a martini
  • Snack on cheese and crackers
  • Listen to a bedtime story
  • Stay cool
  • Set the thermostat even lower if you’re menopausal
  • Infuse your room with a sleep0inducing scent
  • Turn on the white noise
  • Eliminate sneaky nighttime light sources
  • Consider kicking out furry bedmates
  • Check your pillow position
  • Breathe – deeply
  • Stay put if you wake in the middle of the night

There are short-term and long-term effects of sleep deprivation.  These include, but are not limited to: skin issues, making bad decisions, achy muscles, irritability increases, lack of concentration and/or focus, increases diabetes risk, obesity, heart disease, psychological disturbances, and reduced immunity.

Also, the Mayo Clinic also has informative tips for sleeping well.  Please click on the following link:

Sleep well! 🙂


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