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The 30 Healthiest Foods…

The 30 Healthiest Foods… Real Simple – Feb 2011 issue

(Oops!  Sorry about the quality of my picture!)

The February 2011 issue of REAL SIMPLE magazine has an AMAZING article on page 106+ focusing on THE 30 HEALTHIEST FOODS…  I highly recommend picking up a copy today! 

Here is a sneak peek of the list:

  1. Skim Milk
  2. Mushrooms
  3. Whole-Grain Pasta
  4. Walnuts
  5. Peanut and Almond Butters (All-Natural)
  6. Oatmeal (Steel-Cut or Old-Fashioned)
  7. Barley
  8. Quinoa
  9. Lentils
  10. Bulgur
  11. Almonds
  12. Eggs
  13. Nonfat Greek Yogurt
  14. Chicken Breasts (Boneless, Skinless)
  15. Wild Salmon
  16. Sardines
  17. Kale
  18. Kiwi
  19. Blueberries
  20. Broccoli
  21. Avocados
  22. Black Beans
  23. Sweet Potatoes
  24. Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
  25. Edamame
  26. Chard
  27. Kidney Beans
  28. Oranges
  29. Spinach
  30. Pumpkin

Challenge yourself:  Begin now or the first of February…start from number 1 and eat/drink one of these (or more) each day.  (e.g. Day 1 – Skim Milk, Day 2 – Mushrooms, etc…)  If you haven’t already, gradually incorporate these foods into your daily diet! 🙂  Good luck!


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