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“The 7 Qualities of Women You Want to Be Around”

I wish I could remember what magazine I pulled this from!  I have it taped to the inside of one of our cupboards.  Anyways, surround yourself by people you actually want to be around 🙂  Good Friends = Whole Health!

“The 7 Qualities of Women You Want to Be Around”

  1. “They see the strengths, not the limitations, in others.  They make you proud to be yourself – because they tell you why you’re special.”
  2. “They trust you so fully that you feel compelled to meet their expectations.  Consequently, they make you feel like a better person than you normally are.”
  3. “They respect you for what you have done and where you have come from.”
  4. “They are authentic and don’t need you to lie to them to feed their egos.”
  5. “They live by their rules but don’t expect you to follow them.”
  6. “They are at peace with themselves, so they don’t have to prove anything to you.”
  7. “They’re good listeners and sincerely interested in you, so you feel important.  Because they’re available for honest and genuine discussion, they make you want to share yourself.”

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