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Homemade Guacamole


This is so easy to make! 

I don’t use a recipe but here are the ingredients:

  • avocado,
  • freshly squeezed lime juice, 
  • chopped red onion,
  • chopped tomatoes,
  • chopped cilantro (I almost forgot!),
  • chopped garlic cloves, and
  • a little garlic salt

Throw it all together and enjoy! : )  Now, how simple was that?!

For more information about the nutritional aspects of avocados, please refer to this website:  http://www.avocado.org/avocado-nutrients/ and http://www.avocado.org/nutrition/ (contains information regarding the Med Diet, which seems to be more beneficial than the USDA Diet/USDA Pyramid.)


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